Prayer Vigil

The Prayer Vigil is a research based project grounded in New Testament texts using some devotional helps from Eastern Orthodox traditions to design a program connecting activities of the prayer vigil with New Testament Bible references, showing how they relate to Christ’s teachings and/or apostolic admonition, implementing a month long prayer vigil and one day silent retreat with an aim of experiencing communion with God and purity of heart.

The pilot group consists of 6 people who have given me permission to use their first names, they sent me a short paragraph of their spiritual biography, their expectations and life-change they experience from the prayer vigil.

The elements of the prayer vigil dated January 9 through February 4 included directed and self-directed activities including:
Encountering God with hidden, simple, confessional prayer in silent communion
Reading scripture, articles, quotes and resources on prayer
Reflecting in a journal on how prayer and activity inform each other
Fasting one day per week on January 11, 18, 25 and February 1
Experiencing a silent retreat day of prayer on February 4

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